Beachside Bungalow For Rent

Beachside Cottage for Rent

Why Saudades? Because it ticks all your boxes.

Letís look at the criteria for selecting a Vacation Rental and if Saudades meets them:

The Set Up: A Private Beach House that has Resort facilities preferably next door for an undisturbed stay. Best of both worlds.
Location: Should be convenient with Restaurants, Bars, Super-Markets, Shops, etc., ideally within walking distance. At the beach yet close to all necessary establishments.
Locality: Peaceful, Friendly, Clean and Crime-Free. Rustic Village Environment with an abundance of Trees and Plants would be Nice. This idyllic environment would be perfect is if one had all this and yet have all necessary establishments a little distance away. Far from the hustle-bustle of a tourist place yet not too far please.
The Beach: Safe, clean and uncrowded. And preferably not more than 100 metres away.
Resort Facilities: Is a Swimming pool important? Thatís a no brainer. And the pool has to be huge, super clean and safe. Other facilities like Gym, Sauna, Spa, etc. would be welcome.
The Villa: A large group plans to live here, so it has to be perfect without being pretentious. Simple yet elegant. Homey and Cozy. Above all it has to be hygienic and clean. A comfortably appointed Sitting area for the whole family. Bedrooms must have bathrooms en-suite and air-conditioning. And bathrooms have to have hot water and have to be super-clean. Extra spaces for partying would be an added bonus.
Extra Spaces: Vacation Rentals are meant for a group holiday stay and the extra spaces in a vacation rental helps in providing an uncongested environment. A Rental with a Garden, Lawn and an extra Lounge Area will make a group holiday extra fun. Space for the entire gang to party together. Open Garden or Covered Lounge Area - you can choose where to party.
Safety: The house should be secured with strong iron grills. And the cooking stove should not be the dangerous, ancient type. Ideally a modern cooking hobs. A safe deposit box and a water purifier will add to your safety.
The Kitchen: All vacation rentals are supposed to provide a kitchen but most of the time it is just a stove and an old, decrepit refrigerator in a discarded corner of the house. Sad. What you want is an elegant and practical kitchen which blends with the rest of the house. And is fully-equipped. Preferably with two refrigerators, microwave, toaster, water purifier and every conceivable item that you may need.
Chore-Free Amenities: This is what will make or break your holiday stay for sure. Any rental that does a daily house-keeping, washes dishes twice daily and launders and irons your personal clothes at no extra cost is a catch and if it meets all the other criteria you got yourself a gem. And a chore-free holiday.
Other In-House Amenities: Satellite TVs in all bedrooms and in the sitting area. Plus DVD player. Wi-Fi broadband for sure. Safe deposit box, Local phone calls and Beach towels would be a luxury. And stocked with non-perishable items like, Tea, Coffee, Sugar and Salt. And if all amenities are available at no extra cost means you are looking at a bargain. Plus no surprises with hidden charges.
Uninterrupted Holiday Stay: Ensure that the rental includes a back-up electrical system and 24 hours water supply. And non-intrusive House-Keeping.
House-Keeper: A normal vacation rental should not need more than one help. Too many extra people having access to the house makes you uncomfortable keeping articles lying around. One trusted, honest house-keeper who has been with the household for long would be perfect. And the house-keeping should of course be non-intrusive.
Road Access and Parking: Road access is a must or youíll be lugging your luggage for long distances and youíll have to walk to the main road every time you need a cab. Definitely Lots of Parking, attached to the house, for your hired car/cars. And with six to eight persons in a group, youíll need parking for at least two cars. And attached to the house.
Value for Your Money: Prices should not be exorbitant but fair. And all amenities should be included in the tariff. There should be no other charges of any kind. No hidden Charges. No Surprises that will spoil a holiday.

Youíll find that The Saudades meets all the above Criteria; It ticks all your boxes. YOUR BUCK STOPS HERE!

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